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UK Poverty 2024 launch webinar

Join this online event to hear the latest findings of JRF’s flagship annual report, UK Poverty 2024.

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Online (Zoom)

This webinar marks a pivotal moment as we launch the final UK Poverty report before the next general election. We'll be looking at key findings from the report and getting insight from some expert speakers on the state of poverty in the UK. 

What is the UK Poverty report?

The UK Poverty report looks across a range of data sources and published insights to set out a comprehensive picture of the current state of poverty in the UK. The report determines who is worst affected, how poverty levels vary across demographics, how levels have changed over time and what the future prospects are likely to be.

Chair and speakers

Who is this event for? 

This event is aimed at anyone passionate about tackling poverty, including: 

  • advocates for social change
  • policymakers
  • social and economic researchers and academics
  • community leaders.

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