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Access to rent: deposit loan scheme

A case for the provision of a Government backed affordable loan scheme to enable greater access to the private rented sector.

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  • This briefing proposes that the Government should set up a nationwide affordable deposit loan scheme, access to rent, for those on low incomes.
  • Through this scheme the Government would provide dedicated financing to existing bodies such as credit unions, local authorities or other lenders. The latter would provide loans at low‑interest to prospective tenants, based on Government borrowing rates.
  • The total Government borrowing for access to rent equals just 10% of the pledge of a further £10 billion to support the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme aimed at helping buyers raise a deposit.

This is one of four summaries based on a piece of policy development work called Housing and life experiences: policy development. This was commissioned to explore an initial report called Housing and life experiences: making a home on a low income. The reports and summaries are available to download in the related content section below.

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