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Race and ethnicity

Poverty and Ethnicity: key messages for Northern Ireland

This Viewpoint takes some of the main findings from recent reports published by JRF, and looks at their impact on people from ethnic minority groups in Northern Ireland.

Written by:
Olivia Lucas & Neil Jarman
Date published:

It highlights a number of the challenges faced by different ethnic minority communities across employment, education, access to services and demands of caring for family members, which impact on levels of poverty, social mobility and inclusion.

Northern Ireland is a disadvantaged region relative to the rest of the UK, with the second highest level of workless households of all UK regions.

Inequality and segregation in the employment market are obstacles to people from ethnic minorities in Northern Ireland moving out of poverty – those particularly affected are people from the Black community and the post-2004 accession countries. The Viewpoint highlights the challenges faced by Travellers and nomadic communities such as the Roma in Northern Ireland.

It highlights solutions such as the importance of improvements in the quality and availability of language support and training.

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