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Social Housing Green Paper: JRF and JRHT response

As a society we believe that supporting each other is the right thing to do - we want to live in a country with a decent, affordable home for everyone. This response to the Social Housing Green Paper looks at two areas: increasing tenant voice and power, and improving affordability.

Written by:
Frank Soodeen
Date published:

This submission draws on the extensive research and policy work undertaken by JRF, and our experiences as landlords through JRHT. These are the recommended actions:

  • In the area of increasing tenant voice there is a lot of good practice, but more work is needed to ingrain modern forms of tenant engagement across the sector. In addition, a greater responsiveness to complaints is needed.
  • It’s not right that in a country like ours people on the lowest incomes are struggling to keep their heads above water. The Government must develop a plan to increase the supply of social housing, at rent levels that ensure affordability for families on low incomes.
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