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Tackling poverty through housing and planning policy in city regions

There has been no comprehensive review of how city regional institutions in England can use their devolved new freedoms and flexibilities to tackle poverty through housing and planning interventions.

Written by:
Ian Cole, Richard Crisp, Will Eadson, Ed Ferrari, Ryan Powell and Aidan While
Date published:

This research draws on stakeholders in city regions to identify good practice and what more could be done through housing and planning policy to reduce or mitigate poverty. It finds that:

  • Combined authorities are well placed to lead on poverty reduction, given their central role in the devolution process, growing focus on poverty and inequality, constituent authorities’ housing and planning expertise, and the ability to co-ordinate across multiple policy areas.
  • Further action could be taken in two key areas: linking housing development to poverty reduction, and improving conditions in the private rented sector.
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