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Aleks Collingwood

Aleks Collingwood

Partnership Insight Manager

Aleks started her career at Oxford Brookes University looking at birth outcomes of refugees, cancer survival rates and the relationship between diet and cardiovascular disease. After looking at how people's metabolic rate changes under famine conditions for the World Health Organisation, she set up a research office for a Community Educational Theatre Group in Vanuatu, designing and carrying out surveys on subjects as diverse as family planning methods, domestic violence and turtle conservation. Aleks then worked for the Vanuatu Government Statistics Office, co-running their 1999 National Population and Housing Census. She has worked for the Office of National Statistics as a child health and medical research analyst and at NatCen where her focus was on the characteristics of bullying victims and the wellbeing of children. Aleks's current research focuses on solving Poverty in the UK and covers housing, in-work poverty and social security.



Twitter: @jrfAleks