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Kate McLaven

Kate McLaven

York Local Lead (Emerging Futures)

Kate (she/her) is part of the Emerging Futures Regional Team, looking at a place based enquiry into transitioning social, economic and environmental systems, specifically for York, JRFs home city. Kate facilitates space for exploring and engaging with the complex interconnected challenges of our times (climate change, loss of biodiversity, social injustice and other impacts of the global growth economy). She does this using imagination practice and alternative convening approaches. Kate’s work looks to seed projects that support; a fairer local economy, co-creation of imaginative visions, healing justice and more - supporting long-term infrastructure change as well as inner transformations. In her role, Kate was previously seconded to New Constellations to co-produce deeply experiential journeys of change. 

Kate’s background spans across community activism, front line service provision, systems change stewardship, workshop facilitation, anti-racism curriculum design and poetry. Having studied Fine Art at university, she takes a creative approach to working in community, as well as workshop design and strategic planning. Her approach to change stewardship is informed by decolonised practices.