At JRF, we want to inspire action and change to solve UK poverty, but we know there’s a lot of work to do if more people are to understand it and call more loudly for solutions.

JRF events spotlight people’s experiences of poverty; our hopes and expectations for a prosperous Britain; and highlight new policy ideas that are as relevant for local agencies and activists as they are for politicians and officials.

Throughout the year we will hold focused fringe meetings at the party conferences, regional roundtables, best practice workshops and work with multiple partners across the private, public and voluntary sectors to create an event schedule that inspires action and change for us all to create a prosperous UK without poverty.

Framing Toolkit

We’ve been keeping up momentum by meeting a wide range of teams who want to put their new learning into action where they work. We’ve also put together a helpful toolkit to help others to communicate effectively about poverty. It’s free to download: Framing toolkit: Talking about poverty

Give us your feedback

While you’re reading this page, meet Malou Lindholm, our Events Manager. Malou would love to hear your thoughts on what events you want to see and why. Email her at [email protected] or call her on 01904 615945