The Joseph Rowntree Foundation funds and works in partnership with other organisations to unlock the UK from poverty

Our work is designed around our outcomes, these are the changes we want to see in our communities and across the UK:

  • more people want to solve poverty, understand it and take action,
  • more people find a route out of poverty through work,
  • more people find a route out of poverty through a better system of social security,
  • more people live in a decent, affordable home.

We work to a social change model where we use our resources to fund strategic activity as part of outcome plans designed with JRF. These are long-term plans aimed at tackling the root causes of UK poverty.

We are not a traditional grant-funder so we do not generally respond to speculative proposals, however if you would like a conversation about working with us on one or more of our outcome areas please contact: [email protected]

Funding from other Joseph Rowntree trusts

These two trusts are fully independent from Joseph Rowntree Foundation.