Housing and neighbourhoods monitor: fragility and recovery

Cecilia Wong et al.

The interaction between housing and neighbourhood trends across the UK throughout the economic downturn and the start of the recovery.

The recession has had wide-ranging effects on housing market performance and socio-economic conditions within neighbourhoods. This study looks at these pressures and how they manifest themselves from national to neighbourhood level, highlighting the fragile and uneven recovery from the recession. It shows how national policies, such as fiscal incentives, have very different effects locally because of the institutional, economic and tenure structure of local housing markets.

The report examines:

  • the market policy context of how each UK nation has dealt with the economic downturn and recovery process;
  • trends within key housing and neighbourhood indicators in the four nations;
  • changes in the interaction between housing and neighbourhoods circumstances;
  • the policy challenges for housing markets and neighbourhoods in a devolved national context.


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