Improving progression from low-paid jobs at city-region level

Anne Green, Paul Sissons, Kathryn Ray, Ceri Hughes and Jennifer Ferreira

This report presents proposals for a package of employment and skills initiatives that are relevant to the needs of Leeds City Region residents and employers, but could also be applied to other local areas.

Existing skills and employment support systems concentrate on getting people into work, but policy-makers concerned with addressing poverty also need to focus on how to improve progression in low-paid jobs.

The report shows:

  • local stakeholders from different organisations need to work together to develop a framework for progression-focused employment and skills initiatives and their associated implementation and delivery;
  • low-paid workers would benefit from a careers information, advice and guidance service to support progression;
  • there is scope for an in-work progression service with a sector-based approach focusing on both employers and low-wage workers; and
  • a business support service could help enhance opportunities for part-time workers.


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