Poverty a key priority for people in Scotland in advance of May's election

People in Scotland think tackling poverty is a key priority for the next Scottish Government, and that it's possible to significantly reduce levels in Scotland.

This report presents the findings of polling carried out on our behalf by YouGov of 2,016 Scottish adults (aged 16+) between 16 February and 22 February 2021.

Key findings:

  • Nearly three-quarters of adults in Scotland see poverty as a high priority for the next Scottish Government.
  • In all groups, regardless of age or politics, a majority of adults in Scotland believe poverty could be significantly reduced, suggesting a nationwide consensus that with the right action, we can ensure no-one in Scotland suffers the injustice of poverty.
  • However, a majority feel that this is only possible with changes to our current services and economy, and that the Scottish Government can and should do more.
  • To seize on this public appetite all parties in the forthcoming election need to make bold commitments to significantly reduce poverty through making housing more affordable, driving down in-work poverty, and continuing to improve the social security system.