Households below a Minimum Income Standard: 2008/09 to 2014/15

15th Feb 2017

How poverty affects people's decision-making processes

1st Feb 2017

How do cities lead an inclusive growth agenda?

24th Jan 2017
Manchester skyline

Inclusive growth in Greater Manchester: an agenda for the new Mayor

24th Jan 2017
Birmingham city centre

Inclusive growth in the West Midlands: an agenda for the new Mayor

24th Jan 2017
Leeds city view

Maximising the local impact of anchor institutions: a case study of Leeds City Region

16th Jan 2017
Leeds city at night

RSA Inclusive Growth Commission

11th Jan 2017

Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 2016 (MPSE)

7th Dec 2016

Talking about poverty: how experts and the public understand UK poverty

18th Nov 2016
Chip and pin

Improving pay, progression and productivity in the retail sector

9th Nov 2016
Welsh Assembly

Prosperity without poverty

8th Nov 2016

Autumn Statement: helping those in poverty

19th Oct 2016

We can solve poverty in the UK

6th Sep 2016

UK poverty: Causes, costs and solutions

6th Sep 2016
Report cover

Lords Short Debate: Plans to deal with homelessness

5th Sep 2016
Whitewashed window in Redcar

Brexit vote explained: poverty, low skills and lack of opportunities

31st Aug 2016