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Savings, debt and assets

A just recovery for renters

There is strong public support for a just approach to repaying COVID debt, with those struggling being asked to repay only what they can afford, and governments and creditors stepping in to help.

Written by:
Deborah Hay
Date published:

This briefing, based on recent YouGov polling from February 2021, shows renters facing lower incomes and struggling to keep afloat.

Renters are at increased risk of losing their homes as a result of COVID-related rent arrears and debt, unless they are thrown a lifeline with further targeted support.

The next Scottish Government should:

  • Establish a new hardship fund for tenants, offering non-repayable grant support to renters not covered by existing schemes.
  • Undertake a rapid review of the existing loan and grant funds to help shape and target the new fund, alongside those it will help, and ensure it is fit for purpose.
  • Support tenants seeking help to access independent advice, to ensure they get the most appropriate financial help and avoid eviction or homelessness.


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