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Savings, debt and assets
Neighbourhoods and communities

The cost of the cuts: the impact on local government and poorer communities

How are austerity measures affecting local government and communities?

Written by:
Annette Hastings, Nick Bailey, Glen Bramley, Maria Gannon & David Watkins
Date published:

Cuts to local authority budgets are having a profound effect on the services people receive. The poorest communities and residents are being hardest hit and those least able to cope with service withdrawal are bearing the brunt.

This report:

  • provides the most up-to-date national picture of the scale, nature and distribution of the cuts to council budgets currently available;
  • uses four case study councils to assess the impact of cuts. It provides new evidence of how the cuts have affected people and services by drawing on interviews with staff and service users, analysis of council reports and budget data, focus groups with frontline staff and service users and job shadowing with frontline council staff, and;
  • explores how the strategies adopted by the case study councils have evolved or been adapted as the austerity drive has continued.
Table and items being sold in front of a closed shop.

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