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The grantmaking tango: Issues for funders

An examination of the different issues facing the grant-making economy.

Written by:
Julia Unwin
Date published:

The Grantmaking Tango is a new report from Julia Unwin, policy adviser to the Baring Foundation. It is based on her experience over ten years in advising trusts and foundations. It challenges grantmakers to think more clearly about how and why they fund and offers some simple frameworks to aid this; such as ‘giving’, ‘shopping’ and ‘investing’.

As well as describing the impact of funding mechanisms, it also looks at:

  • The ethics of grant-making
  • Different ways of ascribing and calculating added value
  • The contrasting experiences of funders and applicants
  • The pressures on the funding environment

The report is jointly financed by the Baring Foundation, Bridge House Trust, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Lloyds TSB Foundations.


0953804038.pdf (551.01 KB)