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Why JRF is investing in building alternative futures

This briefing explains why JRF is investing in imagining and building fairer futures, alongside our work tackling issues in the present.

Written by:
Sophia Parker
Date published:

Over the last year, we’ve been thinking hard about what role JRF needs to play to achieve our mission of solving UK poverty. The problems the UK faces around poverty are both urgent and deep. These two aspects require different responses from JRF and other organisations seeking to address the issues.

We want to spend the next 12-24 months testing our model of funding support. This will involve prototyping a wide range of approaches, with an intense focus on learning at the same time as getting money out of the door to support the kind of work described in the downloadable briefing below. We’ll be laying the tracks as we go, and we are committed to sharing the learning ‘live’ as things unfold.

We would like to build a community of interest around this kind of work. If you’d like to be invited to monthly gatherings to share learning, ideas and practice in relation to the question of how we nurture and grow alternative futures, please let us know.


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