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Freeing low-income single parents from in-work poverty's grip

For too many single parents in Scotland the labour market is not working. Support provided for single parents to get into and progress in work must be transformed if we are to meet Scotland's child poverty targets.

Written by:
Jack Evans
Date published:

Children from single-parent households make up 40% of all children in poverty in Scotland. In the last 10 years there has also been a pronounced increase in the number of children who are part of in-work single-parent households. This research was conducted to learn more about the experiences of low- or no-income single parents entering, staying in and progressing in, the Scottish labour market and to develop solutions with them.


  • Investment in specific support for single parents in the labour market.
  • Work with employers to create workplace cultures that understand, value and respect single parents.
  • Transform and expand eligibility of childcare that allows single parents to access and progress within the labour market.
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