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A vital part of our work is supporting a group of inspiring organisations through investment, power-building and platforming. We call this group ‘Pathfinders’.

We think these organisations are doing the difficult and important work of reimagining and redesigning the world they want to live in, to achieve deep, transformative change.

Below is a list of the Pathfinders that we are currently resourcing.

Black Farmers' Market

The Black Farmers Market seeks to breathe new life into Brixton market, creating an online communal hub and bringing fresh ideas to station road, this will have the added benefit of connecting the wider community with local growers.

Centre for Alternative Technology

CAT’s vision is a sustainable future for all humanity as part of a thriving natural world. CAT’s mission is to inspire, inform and enable humanity to respond to the climate and biodiversity emergency.

Centre for Knowledge Equity

The Centre weaves together lived, learned and practice experience and is home to the Lived Experience Leaders Movement (also known as LEx Movement): a network connecting, supporting and strengthening the capacity of LEx Leaders to create systems-level change, helping all our communities thrive.

Centric Lab

A research lab that uses neuroscience, ecological research, social justice principles and geospatial data to understand how the places we live impact our health.

Civic Square

A bold approach to visioning, building and investing in civic infrastructure for neighbourhoods of the future.

CoLab Dudley

Committed to deep work in place, on Dudley High Street, the CoLab Dudley team see themselves as a part of systems that need healing; historic inequities, destructive economic patterns and broken relationships between people, between people and place, and between people and the more-than-human.

Dark Matter Labs

At Dm, they are working to create institutions, instruments and infrastructures for a more equitable, caring and sustainable future.

Doughnut Economics Action Lab

Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) works with innovative cities, businesses, teachers, and community groups worldwide to turn the ideas of Doughnut Economics into irresistible practice.

East Marsh United

EMU are a community group from the East Marsh of Grimsby, dedicated to transforming where they live for the better. They are buying 100 homes for 100 years and training local people to develop sustainable building techniques.

Freedom & Balance

Freedom & Balance is an art college for the artist in everyone. They believe that an art college done well can help you ask the right questions in new ways, in a world that is ever-changing and in need of solutions.

Gentle Radical

Gentle Radical’s activities shift according to cultural need, interest, and the challenges their communities are facing. For them ‘cultural need’ means addressing the gaps in mainstream cultural practice, provision and thinking.

Healing Justice Ldn

Healing Justice Ldn (HJL) builds community-led health and healing to create capacity for personal and structural transformation.


A Design Research Studio weaving deep connections between people and place and developing resources for people to design the future of how we live.

Kin Structures

Kin Structures is the collaborative practice of Arman Nouri and Kwame Lowe. Together, they are exploring new approaches to building and sustaining community and cultural infrastructure.

Land in our Names

LION aims to disrupt oppressive land dynamics relating to BPOC communities in Britain. They address land justice as a centre point for issues around food insecurity, health inequalities, environmental injustice and widespread disconnection from nature.


MAIA is a Black-led arts and social justice organisation. They work at neighbourhood-scale globally, from their home city, Birmingham, UK. Their vision is a world towards liberation, in which artists are resourced and mobilised to reimagine its possibilities.


Multitudes are a design and technology co-operative that researches, designs and builds digital and material infrastructure for present movements and liberatory futures.

Onion Collective

A social enterprise working to tackle social, cultural and environmental injustice in their hometown of Watchet.

Open Systems Lab

Open Systems Lab is a non-profit R&D lab working on new operating systems for society.

Participatory City

A circular way of life is at the heart of Participatory City’s Approach and they believe practical participation is at the heart of building a regenerative society.


RESOLVE is an interdisciplinary design collective that combines architecture, engineering, technology and art to address social challenges.


Watershed is a culture-making space and community-anchor organisation focussed on togetherness.


WeCanMake is a neighbourhood test-space in Bristol. Imagining and making new ways to create homes that build social infrastructure and community wealth.