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Poverty in Scotland 2022

This year’s Poverty in Scotland paints a bleak picture of a society in crisis. It demands action from all tiers of government to avert the worst of this crisis, and time is short.

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Nearly one in five households on low incomes in Scotland have gone hungry and cold this year, even before we enter the winter months.

The UK Government must, as we have been saying for some time, reverse the fundamental inadequacy of the social security system ensuring that, at an absolute minimum, no-one is left in destitution.

In this context, it is crucial that the Scottish Government recommit to meeting the child poverty targets set by the Scottish Parliament.


  • The UK Government must immediately uprate all means-tested benefits by the current rate of inflation, rather than waiting for April.
  • The Scottish Government should maintain current tax levels and use available funds to ease the cost of living for low-income households. In particular they should provide a one-off payment of £260 to all Scottish Child Payment recipients and all Council Tax Reduction recipients as soon as possible.
  • All public services in Scotland should show the same forbearance on debts they did during the Covid-19 pandemic. They should far more vigorously advertise the availability of cash support and their services.